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NeuroVax TM  Multiple Sclerosis Vaccine 


NeuroVax TM IR-902 Multiple Sclerosis Vaccine 



NeuroVax Video


Patent Coverage through 2027 with The King Patent U.S. Patent 8,053,197 issued & Granted to Immune Response BioPharma, Inc. for Auto-Immune Diseases Proprietary FOXP3+ Expression Technology. 

NeuroVax Featured in PhRMA 2013 Biologics Report

NeuroVax Phase II Study Results           NeuroVax Granted FDA Fast Track Designation for SPMS on March 17th 2014

NeuroVax Granted Orphan Designation for Pediatric MS by the FDA  Orphan Drug List 2014

NeuroVax Phase IIb SPMS Clinical Study Delaying Disease Progression    NeuroVax Phase 2B Clinical Trials: Click Link to Access Trial Planning

NeuroVax:  is a Once a Month Dosing injection, Safe, Tolerable, Enhances FOXP3+ Tregs & Regulates Pathogenic T Cells in MS Patients, a First in Class Disease Modifying Multiple Sclerosis Vaccine. NeuroVax addresses the unmet medical needs of MS patients.


OHSU Neurologist & Professor Dr. Arthur Vandenbark is the primary inventor of NeuroVax, & Co-Inventors Dr. Richard Bartholomew & Dr. Halina Offner.


Monthly vaccinations over one year with NeuroVax™ markedly expanded the capacity of regulatory T cells (Tregs) to recognize TCRs expressed by potentially pathogenic T cells.



New data were also presented that showed NeuroVax™ produced a significant increase in TCR-specific T cells in patients with MS,including increases in interleukin-10-secreting T cells (IL-10) and Foxp3+ Tregs. All 27 patients in the Phase II Study experienced immune responses to the NeuroVax MS Vaccine.  



NeuroVax™, planning includes being tested in a double-blind, placebo-controlled 200-patient Phase II study, may represent a significant advance in the treatment of MS,which affects more than 2.5 million people worldwide, including more than 400,000 in the United States.



NeuroVax™ has been shown to stimulate strong, disease-specific cell-mediated immunity in nearly all treated patients. NeuroVax™ appears to work in part by enhancing levels of Foxp3+ Tregs, which may help regulate expression of pathogenic T cells in MS patients.



The three TCR peptides combined in NeuroVax™ correspond to one or more TCR gene families which are over expressed in 90% of MS patients. Previous clinical trials conducted by the Company and other independent researchers including a 27 patient clinical trial of NeuroVax have associated diminished levels of Foxp3+ Treg responses with the pathogenesis and progression of MS.This same mechanism appears to be important in the pathogenesis of other autoimmune diseases such as RA and psoriasis.




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